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We were young release 

For immediate release - May 29, 2019 

BCF Artist Management, jointly with Richard Dales Coupland are pleased to announce the exclusive Worldwide radio premiere of Canadian duet, Big City Filter’s much anticipated 2nd single “We Were Young”, on the UK’s Zetland Fm on Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 8:10pm UK / 2:10pm CST(Winnipeg) time. All other Radio stations who picked up the the first single will receive the 2nd single June 17th. 

“When you're a producer and presenter of one of the UK's most respected country shows, Zetland FM Country, it's really super knowing that both home grown and overseas artists want their music to feature in that show. I'm very grateful to know that together we have grown our show from its humble beginnings almost four years ago to the regard and anticipation it is held in these days. 

You'll imagine therefore, that I receive many tracks for airplay and I have to say the standards are very high so when an absolute unknown artist sends in their music, you're never quite sure what you might expect. 

Big City Filter, Roland and Julie decided that Zetland FM Country was for them. And I am sure glad that they did.  In life and indeed in music, we often draw comparisons to others and being bold enough to liken one's sound to that of one of my favourite artists, Lady Antebellum, is surely taking a gamble! 

It's Over Now hits you like a sledge hammer and commands your attention. Within seconds you're saying, hang on, who are Big City Filter and more so how do they sound so damn good first time out? 

The answer; great lyrics, great playing and production to match their bold entry into this modern country world. 

To say I adored it is an understatement it oozes quality and appeal from the word go and I just can't wait to bring Zetland FM Country listeners the world exclusive of their follow up track, slated for mid June. 

If it's anything like their debut, prepare to be amazed, country has some new rising stars and I'm proud to be among the first to tell you just that.” 

Richard Dales Coupland Zetland FM Country 

When asked about the second release, singer Roland Côté says, “We are very grateful with the support we’ve received from radio and our new fans from around the world! ‘We were young’, offers an anthemic singalong vibe, and we feel it is a continuation of what we started with our springboard single ‘it’s over now’, which is being played on over 80 radio stations”. 

“We are excited to share this new song with our fans and radio presenters worldwide ”, says the female counterpart to Big City Filter’s duet, Julie Côté. “Our grassroots, word of mouth radio efforts have been working brilliantly! A huge thanks to all those in radioland who have been championing us on!”

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